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Resolve a stressful roadside situation with one quick phone call to our team. Our 24/7 dispatch team always provides prompt and courteous answers to your questions, focused on gathering all the information so our operators can arrive with the proper solution. Just give a call for any towing services near Pittsburgh, PA

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Find fast, experienced support from knowledgeable roadside technicians who are ready to help. Our technicians are all industry trained with over 10+ years of expertise, quick thinking, and great customer service brought to every service call. Because we are the best towing company near Pittsburgh, PA. 24-hour tow truck near Pittsburgh, PA

24-Hour Truck Road Services

For light- and medium-duty vehicles and trucks, we offer more than your average tow service. Call on us for winch outs, vehicle lockouts, fuel delivery, battery jumpstarts, and more. We’re here 24/7 to help you get back on the road safely. Call us now for tow truck service near Pittsburgh, PA.

Safety Tips To Follow During A Breakdown

  • Remain calm during a vehicle breakdown and stay aware of your surroundings if possible.
  • Never exit your vehicle on a busy roadway, it’s best to call police for help if unable to move your vehicle.
  • In the case of a tire blowout, drive on the flat tire to a safe area on the side of the roadway. 
  • Do not stand outside of the vehicle on the side of traffic.
  • If unable to move the car from the roadway or intersection, turn on your hazard lights to signal other drivers to go around.  If possible, hang a white cloth outside of the drivers side window to signal others to go around or alert police to the disabled vehicle.
  • Never leave children, elderly persons or pets unattended inside a locked vehicle with the windows closed.  In the case of persons or pets being locked inside of a vehicle, it may be necessary to break a window to enter in hot weather instead of waiting for help to arrive.  We provide vehicle lockout service, please call us to describe the situation.
  • If the vehicle is stopped on the roadway at night, turn on the interior lights to light up the vehicle and turn on the hazard lights to alert other drivers to move around.  

In Case Of An Accident

  • Remain as calm as you can.  An unexpected accident can leave you feeling surprised, upset and afraid.  Taking a moment to process what has occurred will help you to make the next decision.

  • If able, move the car to the side of the road to a safe area.  It’s safe to do so if you have not been injured seriously and it’s best to be out of the flow of traffic.  If it’s not possible to move the vehicle, turn on your hazard lights to alert other drivers to go around. Stop the vehicle and get out if it’s safe to do so and check on anyone else that may have been involved.  Dial 911 if anyone has been injured. 

  • Call the police to the scene to obtain a police report.  Cooperate with police without admitting fault or blaming another driver.  The police will determine who was at fault for the crash if anyone.  Reports can be filed with the respective insurance companies. Write down information after an accident such as names, phone numbers, license plate numbers, insurance information, vehicle makes & models, eyewitnesses information, badge numbers, the names of the police officers and the location of the accident. Take photos or video with a cellphone if possible.  Pictures and videos are invaluable during the insurance claims process. File an insurance claim with your auto insurance provider for any damages to your vehicle.

More Useful Items To Bring Along On Long Road Trips Are

  • Whistle,  Road Flares, Tire Pump,  Tire Pressure Gauge,  WD-40,  Duct Tape,  Umbrella,  Flashlight,  USB Mobile Phone Charger,  Fix a Flat Tire Sealant,  Vehicle Operator’s Manual,  Ice Scraper,  Transistor Radio,  Blanket,  Road Atlas.

24/7 Roadside Assistance

Our professional tow truck drivers are standing by to provide you with the best roadside assistance and tow truck service in Pittsburgh, PA.  We offer tow service, flatbed towing, winch outs, vehicle lockout service, gasoline delivery, jump starts and more…  Our dispatchers are on call 24 hours a day to assist in getting you back on the road quickly and safely.  Please click to call our customer service department for prompt and courteous towing service:  (412) 394-8200 .

If your car has been towed away by the city, please call the Pittsburgh Police Department by dialing to locate your vehicle.  ***Important Note:  We are not an impound facility.  There are many reasons why a vehicle may be towed away such as being illegally parked, moved for a large city event such as a parade or festival.  In the unfortunate circumstance of a vehicle theft, call police.

About Our towing Truck Services Prices

We do our very best to provide the most competitive and fair pricing for our customers.  Call  (412) 394-8200 for our tow truck prices.   24 Hr Emergency Towing Pittsburgh PA, Accident Towing, Towing and Roadside Assistance, Auto Wrecker, Tow Truck Service.   Contact us about Tractor-Trailer Towing, Caravans & Lowboys, Winch-Outs and more.

When you need a tow truck company in Pittsburgh, PA. Give us a call:  (412) 394-8200

Remembers To Buckle Up!

Seat belts drastically reduce the risk of death and serious injuries.  For drivers and front seat passengers, seat belts have reduced the risk of death by auto by 45% and has cut the risks of serious injuries by 50%.  Persons not wearing seat belts are 30x’s more vulnerable to ejection from a vehicle during a crash so always remember to fasten your seatbelt and make sure all of your passengers are strapped in before operating the vehicle.  

Don't Text and Drive

There are approximately 2,758 traffic fatalities every year in Pennsylvania due to texting and driving. 18% of all fatal DMV accidents are caused by distractions.  Checking text messages while driving involves taking your eyes completely off the road and causes mental distraction.  Just don’t do it, when driving it’s important to focus at all times for your safety and for the safety of your passengers.

Any alcohol in the blood stream can impact driving ability.  The effects of alcohol differ greatly from person to person putting the driver at risk for causing accidents or injuries.  Those who drink and drive are putting themselves and others in serious danger.  The consequences of drinking and driving can involve losing driving privileges, fines, insurance surcharges, community service and worse, accidents, injuries and fatalities.  Life can change in an instant if not responsible with alcohol and travel.  Always designate a sober driver if planning to drink.

Help Keep Our roadways Safe!

Avoid Road Rage And It's Consequences

It has been reported that s many as 56% of all car accidents in the USA have been caused by aggressive behavior while driving.  Aggressive drivers and road rage is more likely to cause severe injury or fatal accidents.  If you are a victim of road rage, do not exit your vehicle, pull off the nearest exit of possible.  If necessary, dial 911 for police assistance.  If you find yourself feeling anxious or angry against other drivers, remember that driving is a privilege not a right and that privilege can be removed swiftly.  Remember that arriving safely is the most important thing to consider when sharing our roadways.  Don’t worry!  Be Happy and be courteous to your fellow drivers.

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Skilled Roadside Technicians

We know if you’re calling us, it’s a stressful situation. It’s important to us that we provide fast and courteous service. All of our roadside service technicians have 10+ years experience.  With speed, knowledge and great customer service we will help you be back on the road as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

Our Quality Promise

With the latest trucks and equipment, our fleet is capable of towing everything from motorcycles to medium-duty trucks. The safety of your vehicle is of utmost importance to us, so we take every precaution throughout the service.

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Our Google Reviews

Taya Chapman
Taya Chapman
The driver was extremely helpful and I greatly appreciate his nice conversation.
Ash Gon
Ash Gon
This company is ridiculous! Please do NOT use this company. My insurance dispatched this company to tow my car and this company made me wait over 2 hours and THEN THEY CANCELLED! No warning and no reason was given. I was stranded and cold waiting in the dark for 2 hours for them and they no showed. They would not have even notified my insurance company except that I’m the one who called and bugged the company. I would have been waiting for days. I have warned our insurance company NOT to dispatch Golden Hook towing ever again for any other customer.
Lauren Brock
Lauren Brock
My car died suddenly in the middle of the road leaving me stranded one night. I called around and the only company who was willing and able to tow my car 30 miles was Golden Hook. They were super communicative and even took my car to the shop without requiring me to follow them, because it was so late at night. They called, sent texts, and even sent pictures of my car during the process. I am so grateful they were so easy to work with under such stressful circumstances.
Eman Elder
Eman Elder
Timely, courteous, and efficient
Absolute embarrassment of an organization. Was scheduled for 11AM did not show up tilll 5PM. I had to call 4 times to get updates after the kept telling me an hour delayed each time. They should be ashamed of themselves for treating people this way. If you dont want to accept roadside assistance work then don't. Don't push and delay people so you can ambulance chase.
braxton pfrogner
braxton pfrogner
Absolutely ridiculous. I almost clicked “did not use service” on this review because I never actually saw anybody. They made me wait 6 whole hours telling me over and over again “we’re on the way” “it’ll be about an hour” “it’ll be just 30 more minutes” before finally rescheduling to 9am the next day. Come 9am, I’m there and no one else is. I ask their automated service, they say ETA 10am. Come 10, nobody still. I call, no one answers. Talk to an agent and they tell me Golden Hook Towing aren’t answering the agents calls either. So I hired a different company and had an infinitely better experience. Don’t waste your time on this unprofessional company.
Don Laface
Don Laface
Absolutely wonderful service thank you very much
Terry Byers
Terry Byers
Driver was timely and did a great job. Very polite. Will be my tow company going forward.
Norm McDonald
Norm McDonald